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What Can We Do For You

Building cleaning

Commercial Building Cleaning

Building owners or managing agents acting on behalf of owners.

We take care of all of your shared spaces, including reception areas, lounges, pantry, activity room, public area, toilets and showers.

  • Gives your building a clean, professional appearance

  • Ensures a more hygienic and healthy workplace

  • Creates a safer working environment

Office cleaning

Office Cleaning

Owners or tenants of office spaces within a building.
We will create an office cleaning schedule that suits your business, focusing on specific areas such as floors, office areas and kitchens

  • Creates a great first impression for visitors

  • Ensures a more hygienic and healthy workspace

  • Boosts staff morale

Warehouse cleaning

Warehouse Cleaning

Owner or tenants of office warehouse such as logistics service provider and courier service provider.

We take care of warehouse area in good condition and safer working environtment.

  • Gives your warehouse a clean from dust and cobweb.

  • Healthier workplace

  • A good housekeeping (OSHA)

Office carpet cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Businesses with wholly or partially carpeted floors.

Carpets are replenished using a wide range of methods, equipment and products to ensure an excellent finish, every time.

  • Increases the lifespan of your carpet

  • Eliminates stains and odours

  • Reduces dust and allergens

  • Healthier workspace

Warehouse floor scrubbing

Floor Scrubbing

From oil stains on concrete and tarmac forecourts to removing stains, we have a comprehensive range of floor cleaning products for both interior and exterior applications that can be applied manually or via floor scrubbing machine.

  • Time saving and cost for large spaces such as storage warehouses and distribution centers.

  • Does not interfere with the operation, can be done at night or non-peak hours.

  • Hygiene and safety. clean the surface from dust and oil.

  • Safety factor. avoid accidents at work.

Consumables provider

Provision Of Consumables

Large businesses who have heavy foot traffic in shared areas like pantries and bathrooms.

We can supply and replenish pantry or washroom consumables according to your specific requirements to complement our cleaning services.

  • Improved hygiene in the workplace due to availability of consumables

  • Outsource the responsibilities of buying and restocking

  • Reassurance that you’ll always having necessities on hand to keep your people and visitors happy

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